Launch as a one stop site for Singaporean jobseekers. 
The idea uses the fallacies that Singaporeans have in searching for jobs. addresses those fallacies with a new and smart way of searching for jobs. The site has 3 main smart features- search function using skills matching, jobs that have government support and the portal is made exclusively for Singaporeans only. 

We launch the campaign with 2 video spots talking about Singaporean ways of job search.

Then followed by a road show gamification to show how the skills matching works. 
This made people try the main feature of the site by means of a game close to home. 
We used Bishi Bashi game format to demonstrate how easy skills matching is.
We designed the game by developing characters that mimics the top 10 most searched  jobs using multi racial avatars. 

The game shows that with one skill, it can be relevant to one, two or three different jobs. This teaches people that their skills can open up to different job opportunities for them when applying for a job.

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