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JP is the person everyone turns to when they need to know about the latest tech. An early adopter by nature, he seeks to experience and understand new ideas. This love for innovation has led him to evolve an early career of crafting TV spots and print ads into creating apps, brand experiences, and social media campaigns. He has also acquired precision marketing skills while working extensively for digital marketing. Still, he prides himself on being an old-school who values impeccable art direction and basic design principles. 
Fast, proactive, and collaborative, he enjoys designing solutions and leading teams in integrated campaigns. For fun, he enjoys traveling, street photography, and playing with fire.

Creative Director / Manager
DITO Telecommunity, Philippines
August 2022 - present
I am the head of the internal creative department at the third-largest telecom company in the Philippines. My role involves setting the creative direction, developing actionable plans and processes, and ensuring that projects are completed while adhering to the brand standards. I also maintain visibility across all touch points and integrate the team with other departments such as stakeholders, brand, digital, sales, trade, and external partners to ensure that projects are strategic, within budget, and delivered on time.

Creative Director
PR Agency Singapore
October 2021 - March 2022                                                                                        
Helped facilitate in building the creative team with services like  Social Media, Digital, Content Strategy, and Production to the current PR business.
A key contributor to the creation of agency structure and processes to help the management compete with the big players, retain and attract more clients outside of PR.

Lead Creator, U-Studio Unilever
December 2018 - October 2021                                                                                            
Led the small digital creative team in delivering innovative digital solutions across the different product portfolios of Unilever for Southeast Asia markets. (Personal care and beauty, Home care, Food, etc.)
Optimized the use of Precision Marketing to funnel target audiences with strategically relevant short-form and insightful content that increases conversion rates.
Collaborated with different marketers and local U-Studio’s across the region to address regional briefs to help each local market develop contents that are local yet global, platform optimized (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube), and effective in conversion.
Part of Unilever's new product development from conception to pitching with stakeholders.

Associate Group Head, Tribal DDB Singapore
November 2017 – November 2018
Worked with a small team on integrated campaigns for local and regional clients such as Volkswagen, Scoot, Workforce Singapore, TAFEP, Prime Minister’s Office, and new business pitches.
Initiate out-of-the-box ideas that are cost-efficient, innovative, and digital-first. 
Managed and supervised productions on both local and regional partners/suppliers.
Mentored junior creatives in ideation and developing their own style and voice.
Workforce Singapore
Developed a mix of traditional and digital launch campaigns for to encourage the mature target segment to use the online careers portal by showing them the ease of use and the bespoke customization it offers. The campaign increased the target site visits and conversion rate. Making the site the official one-stop career site for Singaporeans.
Led the pitch for the relaunching of IShopChangi’s digital Christmas campaign. The objective was to drive people to the site and familiarize them with the variety of products we have. Using gamification via rewards and coupons to keep the customers engaged and convert them to purchase. SEO and retargeting were also used to help tailor fit the offerings with the different target audiences. The campaign increased sales compared to the previous year and drive heavy traffic to the site.
BabyReady SG X IKEA
Created a digital campaign to encourage young Singaporeans to consider having babies. Using research and social listening, we developed a campaign focusing on the different pain points young couples are facing. The campaign aims to bring a positive light and encouragement a baby brings to a family as well as offer solutions that address financial concerns. We partnered with IKEA to curate #BabyReady bundle deals that make it affordable to start a family. The campaign created a lot of PR both digital and offline. We also partnered with KOL’s to share their personal experiences and helped make the conversation going.

Senior Art Director, Isobar Singapore
Apr 2014 – June 2017
Helped led the creative team with integrated campaigns, digital and social media for both local and regional clients such as OCBC, FRANKbyOCBC, Chevrolet, Uniqlo, Samsung, Magnum, Intel, Shiseido, F&N Seasons, Magnolia Milk, Mercedes-Benz, Republic of Singapore Navy, and Coca-Cola.
Created innovative digital solutions like AR/VR, tech products, and app development for client’s internal and external targets.
Managed projects with front and back-end developers on deliverables and timelines.
Part of the key team that fronts clients and facilitates client relationship building.
Build and maintain the with new product and offerings. Designed and amplified new web pages and online campaigns for the different products of the bank from savings, and investments to insurance across the different social media channels and display banners.
Led the team to shape the brand's online identity by strategically building a platform that delivers a fluid ecosystem across the different contents from long-form, short-form, CRM, brand site, organic and paid social media, and offline activations.
As well as helping build the brand voice in the online platform with relevant content on anything and everything about financial, career and lifestyle relevant to the millennials and gen-z.
Created a platform to help the Salespeople in Chevrolet when they meet clients outside the showrooms. Using AR technology, we developed an app that helps visualize the car and its features, especially the safety feature and brings them to life. The app, empowered the salespeople to engage with customers better by giving them a first-hand experience and well as personal customization as they consider purchasing the car even outside the showroom.
The launch was a success that it was adopted to the other global markets and expanded with more car models. 

Associate Creative Director, Phibious Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sep 2013 – Dec 2013
Led the art department and handled new business and local client portfolios such as Vespa, Coke, Sprite, Dasani Water, OMO, VP Bank.
Mentored junior creatives in concept development and helped them push the envelope on ideas that can cross the global landscape.

Associate Creative Director, BBDO Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Apr 2013 – Aug 2013
Managed the creative team on integrated campaigns mainly for Pepsi carbonated products on the annual Pepsi TET campaign, Mirinda, Mt Dew, 7Up, and creative presentations for new client business pitches. 
Mentored junior creatives in idea generation and helped push the envelope on ideas that can cross the global landscape.

Art Director - Senior Art Director, BBDO Guerrero
Manila, Philippines
Nov 2003 – Jan 2013
Started my career as a creative from the best in the country. Trained to think big, strategic integrated campaigns that delivers results across different touch points.
Produced effective integrated campaigns that received local, regional, and global recognition for clients like Saridon, FedEx, Johnsons & Johnsons, JP Morgan Chase, Sky Broadband, The BaR Vodka, Philippines Department of Tourism, Pizza hut, Bayan Telecommunications, Anchor Milk, Anlene, WWF, VISA, Splash Corporation, Pepsi Foods, Smart Telecommunications, Philam Life Insurance, Robinsons Land, SM Supermarket.

UX/UI User Experience Certificate
General Assembly
Singapore 2021
Emeritus Institute of Management with MIT Sloan School of Management
Certificate in Innovation of Products and Services: MIT's Approach to Design Thinking
University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
Bachelor in Fine Arts major in Advertising
Cum Laude

Concept Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Motion Graphics, Design Thinking, UX / UI, Product Development, Content Creation
The MARKies AWARDS 2019
Most Creative - Digital Silver
Most Effective Use - Digital Bronze
Santa's Great Getaway by iShopChangi (Changi Airport Group)
Mumbrella Asia Awards 
Mumbrella Award for Innovation
Chevrolet V-Showroom- Isobar Singapore/ Carat Asia Pacific for General Motors
Most Engaging 360 Video/ Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Work
Chevrolet V-Showroom- Isobar Singapore/ Carat Asia Pacific for General Motors 
One Show
Bronze Pencil in TV Campaign: Saridon "Persistent Headaches"
Clio Awards
Silver in Film Campaign: Saridon "Persistent Headaches"
In Book for Film & Cinema: Saridon TVC
ADOBO Magazine Creative Ranking of the 2013
Top 7 Art Directors in the Philippines
KIDLAT Advertising Awards 2013, Philippines
Gold in Film Single: Saridon "Wash"
Silver in Film Campaign: Saridon"Pound/Wash/Stamp"
Silver in Print Single: Saridon "Repair"
Silver in Print Single: Saridon "Hex"
Silver in Print Campaign: Saridon"Hex/Repair/Strike"
Bronze in Film Singles: Saridon "Stamp"
Bronze in Film Singles: Saridon "Pound"
Bronze in Outdoor Campaign: Saridon"Hex/Strike/Repair"
Bronze in Outdoor Singles: Saridon "Hex"
AWARD Awards, Korea
Bronze in Film Campaign: Saridon "Stamp/Pound/Wash"
Bronze in Film: Saridon "Stamp"
Bronze in Film: Saridon "Pound"
Asia Advertising Festival (ADFEST)
Gold in Film Campaign: Saridon "Pound/Stamp/Wash"
Bronze in Outdoor Campaign: Saridon "Repair/Strike/Hex"
Tinta Awards, Philippines
Grand Prix: Saridon "Persistent Headache"
Gold in Print Campaign: Saridon "Persistent Headache"
Gold in Print: Saridon " Stamp"
Silver in Print: Saridon "Hex"
Bronze in Print: Saridon "Repair"

London International Awards
Silver in Film Campaign: Saridon "Pound, Wash,Stamp"
Bronze in Film: Saridon "Stamp"
Bronze in film: Saridon "Wash"
Finalist in Film: Saridon "Pound"
Spikes Asia Advertising Festival
Gold in Film Campaign: Saridon "STAMP, POUND,LAUNDRY"
Silver in Outdoor Campaign: Saridon (HEX, REPAIR,STRIKE)
Silver in Print Campaign: Saridon (HEX, REPAIR,STRIKE)
Bronze in Film Campaign: Saridon "STAMP, POUND,LAUNDRY"
2nd Best Print in ACT CANNES Exhibition 2012: WWF FANCORALS
Silver in Outdoor: Saridon “REPAIR”
Silver in Outdoor: Saridon “STRIKE”
Bronze in Outdoor: WWF “ Fan Corals”
Crystal in Print: Saridon “REPAIR”
Crystal in Print: Saridon “STRIKE”
ADOBO Magazine Creative Ranking of the 2012
Top 12 Art Directors in the Philippines
KIDLAT Advertising Awards, Philippines
Sky Broadband "Life in 5mbps" Campaign-BRONZE in FILM CAMPAIGN
Sky Broadband's "Baby"- BRONZE in Film
Sky Broadband's "Fastfood"- BRONZE in FILM
Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (AdFest)

BBDO, THE WORK 2011 Annual
WWF “Anemone, Fan Corals, Brain Corals” Top6
WWF “Anemone, Fan Corals, Brain Corals”
Philippine Advertising Congress , Philippines
Silver in Film Singles: SKY Broadband’s “Life at 5 Mbps -Fastfood"
Bronze in Film Campaign: “Life at 5Mbps Campaign”

KIDLAT Advertising Awards 2010, Philippines
Bronze in Best in Craft: Department of Tourism “LiveYour Dreams- Beach”
Bronze in Design: The BaR “Ice Shots”

Philippine Advertising Congress , Philippines
Bronze in Design: The BaR “Ice Shots”
Bronze in Digital: Department of Tourism “Live YourDreams” website
BBDO Asia Pacific Creative Council for Q4 2009
Finalist: The BaR “Ice Shots”
Finalist: Pizza Hut HateLate “Freight” TVC
Finalist: The BaR “Stereo tee”
Philippine Advertising Congress , Philippines
Finalist in Clothing Design: The BaR “Stereo tee”
Finalist in Integrated Campaign: Department of Tourism“Live Your Dreams”
Spikes Asia Advertising Festival
Silver Integrated Campaign: Pizza hut “HateLate”Campaign

KIDLAT Advertising Awards, Philippines
Bronze in Integrated Campaign: Pizzahut “HateLate”Campaign
Finalist Outdoor: Bayan “Problem Downloading” billboard
BBDO Asia Pacific Lion hunt 2008 for Outdoor
Bayan “Problem Downloading” billboard

Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007
Bronze in Billboard: Bayan “Problem Downloading” billboard
Philippine Advertising Congress 2007
Bronze in Outdoor: Bayan “Problem Downloading” billboard

Featured: Biolink VCO Sandpaper

Pizza Hut YUM Award 2005
Pizzahut “Mist” TVC

A creative at heart who pride myself in being an organized taskmaster too. I can ideate, plan, strategize bespoke content and collaborate with client or stakeholder management to ensure that ideas we create deliver. Being detailed oriented, I ensure consistency from end to end, I am aware of digital and social media formats, and I make sure to track and optimize content across the different platforms. I am passionate about designing solutions for brands and helping them shape their personas in the digital space. 
While the majority of my experience was built in advertising. As a millennial, I make it a point not to be FOMO.  I continuously keep up with the trends and learn other disciplines like design thinking, UI/UX, data analytics, SEO, etc to compliment my core skills. Being a creative in the present, means having to wear a lot of hats.
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