Every year, 70% of plastic wastes are dumped into the sea. Most people are unaware of the massive amounts of plastic circling the ocean. In parts of the Pacific Ocean, plastic particles outweigh plankton - the main food source for most fish. Thus, fish accidentally consume these particles. They end up poisoned or on our dinner plates. WWF recently tapped BBDO Guerrero to raise awareness on this major global issue which has largely been ignored because of the world's dependence on plastic. In an interview for the New York Times, Doug Woodring, an environmental entrepreneur, said, "Because plastic is inexpensive, lightweight and durable, virtually every industry - be it retailing, manufacturing or logistics - loves it. But because it is light and cheap, there is a lot of it. And because it is so durable, it does not 'go away'."

Plastics break down into minute pieces and remain in waterways for centuries. The key really is to prevent them from reaching the sea. BBDO Guerrero hopes that with these print ads featuring disposable plastic objects shaped into corals, people will think twice the next time they pick up a plastic stirrer.

Says agency chairman, David Guerrero: "BBDO has a long tradition of campaigns which tackle important environmental issues and we hope to be able to push this one into the public consciousness with high-impact work.
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