Prime Ministers Office HeyBaby X IKEA

HeyBaby, a community movement, has partnered with IKEA Singapore and Tribal Worldwide Singapore to celebrate and support support marriage and parenthood. Spearheaded by HeyBaby, the campaign aims to help young couples realise that parenthood is not as overwhelming as they imagine, and that they are more baby-ready than they realise.

To make baby shopping easier for parents, IKEA Singapore launched the new StarterKid Bundle, which includes nine essential IKEA baby products from bedding to bibs – items that parents need, for the special price of SG$149. The launch weekend of activities took place at IKEA Alexandra and Tampines on 3 to 4 November, and the event featured the new IKEA StarterKid Bundle, along with various fun and game activities, as well as forum discussions with various thought leaders and celebrities to highlight the various solutions that would-be parents can implement to ease their journey into parenthood.

Tribal also created a series of videos to tackle the various issues that discourage young couples from having babies. To bring the messages to life, babies were selected to speak for themselves to address and confront the dilemmas of having a child, while exemplifying the true beauty of having children and showcasing the potential they possess to grow and be moulded into wonderful human beings in their own right. The videos then sign off by educating viewers that they can learn more to be #BabyReady by visiting
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