Credit card deals especially on Dining has been saturated with almost all the competitor offering the same deals. How do we make OCBC CREDIT CARD DinIng deals stand out against the competitors
Food is a universal language that brings people together. More than the food, it is all about the experience: creating memories with the people you love over an intimate meal. So what makes a perfect dining experience?
The ingredients. And OCBC is the key ingredient to that perfect meal.

To position OCBC cards as one of the ingredients for a perfect dining experience, we will translate this to a microsite. We will create a recipe-like microsite where they will be able to create a customised “recipe” based on their preferences such as the occasion, type of cuisine, preferred location, etc...

Engagement and Social Media:
Engage celebrity bloggers/social influencers to do their own recipe video of their perfect dining experience, and share it with their fans via social media.
This will gain more traction and virality of the campaign.
Year Plan Content:
To create a branded campaign, we must ensure that there are continuous activities happening throughout the year. We can tie up with selected merchants to create content around occasions such as Valentine’s Day and family gatherings.
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