The challenge was to show how Chevrolet is leading the innovation in the automative industry, as well as to arm the sales representatives of this innovation. 
We designed an app to help Chevrolet take the car buying experience to the next level.
Introducing Chevrolet V-Showroom, we used Mixed Reality to bring to life, innovative features of the car that’s hard to see. From safety features, performance, design and technology.  
The virtual environment comes to life as you scan the car in the showroom giving the customers a more engaging experience. 
The app can also show a life size car as they meet clients in coffee shops, houses, in places outside the showroom. You can move the tablet and even go inside the car to check the interior.  
The project was first launched in Korea and will eventually roll out to other markets across the globe. The sales staff were also excited and more confident as they bring this innovation with them when meeting clients. 

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